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Advanced Sentence Checker and Corrector: A Must-Have Tool for Every Writer

Don’t let any embarrassing errors spoil the impression of your readers! Avoid them with the help of this grammar checker, a free tool for students, copywriters, journalists, academicians, and everyone else who has to deal with writing. Use to correct sentence structure, grammar errors, spelling errors, and misused words. If you are not a professional editor or simply don’t have time to review your text with appropriate accuracy, rely on this program and get everything done in a blink of an eye. Due to the advanced technology, this checker can deal with a text no worse than a human!

This tool is absolutely irreplaceable for those who write texts regularly. Most of our clients are college students and writers, who want to make sure that their marks and reputation will not suffer from silly typos as well as serious grammar mistakes. You know what we mean: even if your paper is full of interesting and original thoughts, you won’t get your A if there are any grammar mistakes there. To avoid any situations like that, you should devote five minutes of your time to a profound sentence check at our website.

Do you know what is the best thing about this powerful tool? It is free! There is no need to pay someone for editing/proofreading services or purchase expensive software to improve your papers. Enjoy the most omnibus grammar checker and improve your writing in mere minutes!

Checking all kinds of text from a sentence fragment to an entire document

This tool has been created to check and correct texts of all imaginable types. Whether you are composing a technical text, letter, academic essay, blogpost, or a literary piece, this tool will easily detect the writing style and adjust the corrections accordingly. Moreover, we did our best to develop a powerful program that can easily detect sentence type and suggest the variants for improvement. You will easily correct the following main sentence structures:

  • Complex sentence

This one has a dependent and independent clause. Using complex sentences in their papers, most writers have problems with correct linking, punctuation, and coordinating conjunction. Sometimes it is really uneasy to fuse two parts of a phrase together, therefore numerous mistakes can stand on your way when you write. It is true that in most cases you cannot avoid including at least one compound sentence into your text, so make sure to use our checker if you want to connect two ideas in one sentence correctly.

  • Simple sentence

All writers are aware that what is called a simple sentence is not always that simple. Among the most common mistakes people usually do in such phrases are wrong agreement between verb and subject, missing commas, misuse of the word “its”, misplaced modifier, run-on sentences, and more. If you have problems with any of these grammar cases, make sure that you correct them with the help of our tool.

  • Declarative sentence

Such sentences are used to state or pronounce something. Most of them name some facts and therefore doesn’t include any emotional or expressive coloring. The common mistake made by writers in declarative sentences is use of quotations, capital letters, and question marks. Our program will help you write correct and professionally-crafted sentences of that kind.

Indeed, English syntax and punctuation are complicated and even native speakers do mistakes oftentimes. However, we all know that correct sentences can help you get out your message in a clearer way. At the same time, mistakes have a power to destroy your ideas and make negative impression on those who will read the text. In both academic and business world, high-quality English texts are strongly connected with your chances to achieve better results and successful communication. Even bloggers should write correct and well-composed texts to ensure that their ideas reach the audience. No matter what kind of writing content you need to produce, mistake-free text is absolutely important. Sometimes, a quick grammar check can make a big difference, so don’t miss such an opportunity and use!

No more mistakes! Any of them!

By the way, has expanded offers for text improvement. This service goes far beyond simple and compound complex sentence correction. We can help you polish your papers on every side! Make sure you also benefit from the following tools we have here:

  • Plagiarism check

Plagiarism is a tricky thing that can sink into your paper without a notice. However, plagiarized content will hardly bring you high results. Even if you didn’t do any copy/paste thing, make sure to check your work before submission and correct all matching elements. This is a perfect back-up for students and academic writers.

  • Spelling check

Misprints can spoil even the smartest text. Don’t give them a chance with our advanced spelling checker!

  • Grammar check

With the help of this tool you will easily find and correct all grammar errors in your writings. Use the suggestions provided by the program and fix the weak places of your work to make it really amazing.

  • Sentence counter

Check the number of words, characters and even sentences you have written. It takes just a couple of seconds.

As you can see, we have developed an entire arsenal of useful tools to assist you with your writing tasks. Make sure to visit this website any time you want to polish your texts! Whether you have problems with grammar, punctuation or originality of content, you will get any of these services here absolutely free of charge!