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Plagiarism Checker: Free Online Software to Check Your Papers for Uniqueness

Using outside sources to complete your papers at school, college or university is a must. You have to find appropriate books and journals to conduct a thoughtful research and this is the only way to deal with most tasks you receive from tutors. Of course, this takes too much time and effort and sometimes you get confused by all the ideas and concepts that pop up during the process. Sometimes you paraphrase or simply base your own thoughts on someone’s authoritative opinion. In other cases, you include common words and phrases into your text and chances are that someone else have already done the same thing.

Even the most talented writers have to encounter the problem of originality. The trick is that you may be unaware about some matching sentences that sneak into your work. It is not necessary to copy/paste or rewrite other papers to get into a trouble with uniqueness. In most cases, plagiarized parts can appear unnoticed. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to back yourself up and use this plagiarism checker online. Make sure that your paper is original or find the plagiarized parts before your teacher did it. It is absolutely obvious that 100% original texts get higher marks than those that contain even minor copied elements. As you know, professors and teacher appreciate uniqueness no less than the quality of content and depth of your thoughts. With the help of this free software, you will find and change the parts that needs to be rewritten. In addition, we have amazing grammar and punctuation checker to make your papers shine.

Reasons why this one is the best free plagiarism checker on the web

Those students who would like to reach the best possible quality of their essays, should never neglect a profound plagiarism check. And this is exactly what we offer! Here is what makes our tool that great:

  • High level of accuracy

When you press the button, this tool starts its search to find other documents on the Internet that include the same phrases as yours. The machine checks thousands of other texts and indicate the matches with other color.

  • Available 24/7

You can visit this resource at any time you want and check your text even at night.

  • All text types

The tool accepts any text format, so you don’t have to waste your time to re-save the document.

  • Numerous checks

You can check the same text as many times as needed or upload another one.

  • High speed

It takes a couple of moments for our tool to find and compare materials.

  • Simplicity

We did our best to create a clear and simple interface to make sure that every user can deal with the tool. You just need to upload your text and press the button.

  • Security

We guarantee that nobody will have an access to your texts or personal information.

Why is it so important to check plagiarism in your works?

What is plagiarism and when does it happen? This is a dubious question and most learners and students don’t have a full answer to it. What is a possible percentage of plagiarism? Are there some matching phrases that cannot be considered as plagiarism? These and other questions make the situation a bit confusing. Somebody can steal the entire text, or a paragraph, or a sentence. The other one can forget to mark the citation correctly. At the same time, plagiarism definition has some obvious aspects everyone should be aware of:

  • Amount of copied text
  • Wrong paraphrasing
  • Inappropriate formatting

Some students get into such situations frequently because they don’t know what is considered as plagiarism for sure. However, your professor doesn’t really care and your grade will suffer even if you didn’t know that there are some elements in your work that can be considered as plagiarism. To help you avoid any of such situations, we are glad to present the best plagiarism checker. Just insert a part of your text or upload an entire document and hedge your bets before handing a paper.

Using free plagiarism checker is a really wise idea

Every student wants to impress professors and receive high marks. Of course, your grade depends on numerous factors, including quality of research, accuracy of thought, strength of the argument, formatting, etc. However, one of the main criteria here is originality. To say even more, your tutor won’t give you a high grade for content if there are plagiarized elements there. And therefore you have to take your time for a quick check. Believe us, this is a fast and simple process. Read a paragraph below to get the instructions.

How to conduct a check for plagiarism?

There is nothing easier than that. Just visit and accomplish these ingenuous steps:

  • Copy your text or press the “Browse” button to upload the document
  • Press the button
  • Wait for a while until the tool compares your paper to other texts from the web
  • Check the displayed percentage of identical elements
  • Rewrite the marked sentences

That’s it! These simple manipulations will set you free from any worries connected with plagiarism. Remember, you don’t always know that there are matching sentences in your work. Even if you have been writing the paper on your own and are completely assured that all the thoughts belong to you, make sure to check your paper anyway. It’s nice to be 100% confident that your paper is free from plagiarism. We bet that it is much better than any unpleasant surprises.